Thursday, March 12, 2015

aaaaand holy crud, it's been YONKS.

Spring is starting to peer at us--not opening its eyes yet, but just peeping a bit and waving at us to shut the blinds, no really, five more minutes.  One of the roads in my neighborhood is lined with bradfords, and they're not in bloom yet, but by golly they're gearing up to it.  The buds on my saucer magnolia are fat and fuzzy and I expect pink to start popping there any day now.  The tree we transplanted last spring is popping out leaves (still no buds, but flowers are showy and biologically expensive, so I'll forgive it for that given the hack job we had to do on the roots to get it moved).

So this season of rebirth and renewal and reminding ourselves that so much that looked dead is coming back to life... this seems like a good time to pick this up again, dust off my writing skills, and get back to it.

Watch out, world, the sap's gonna rise again.


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