Friday, May 16, 2014

aaaand I missed April entirely, didn't I?

And now half of May is gone as well. Life gets busy and makes fools of us all.

I have been enjoying playing with my art, although I've also been enjoying the art that is all around me as the weather warms and the plants come out to play, from the early

to the slightly later

That second one, with the deep purple petals on the bottom, didn't bloom last year.  This was the first year I knew I had it planted (the bulbs were given to me in a literal mixed bag the previous fall).  I'm beginning to want to plant my entire sad little yard with irises, just for those first incredible weeks of spring when they unfold into glory.  I'm noticing them more as I travel around, and some of the colors I've seen this spring have made me half-consider nighttime commando raids on neighbors' iris patches, just to be able to plant some in the glorious colors that seem to be everywhere.

That's probably a bad idea, and I'm not going to actually go steal anyone's irises.

But a girl can dream.